10 Most Influential WordPress Twitter-ers

A couple of days ago, Bryan tweeted (via the @modthemes twitter account) that I was considered the 6th most influential WordPress Twitter-er according to WeFollow.com. Very cool!

So I figured I’d share the spotlight with 9 other people that make up the top 10, and help introduce you to them. Here they are!

1. Joost de Valk (@yoast)

Joost (pronounced “Yoast”) is a prolific WordPress blogger, author of some sweet WordPress plugins, SEO Expert, and host of the very popular new podcast called Press This.

I highly recommend you follow him. He definitely deserves the top spot.

2. WPlimits (@wplimits)

This account is managed by Nathan Barry. I’m not very familiar with this account, it seems to be a good source of WordPress related articles, themes, and plugins from around the net.

3. Brian Gardner (@bgardner)

Of course, my good friend Brian is someone you should definitely be following. Brian is the founder of the Premium Theme movement in the WordPress community via his Revolution Theme (now StudioPress), and he’s definitely an influential twitter-er among WordPress users.

4. Adii (@adii)

Adii, who’s first claim to fame was the popular “Premium News Theme”, has gone on to become the co-founder of WooThemes where he and the guys produce some of the most visually stunning themes in the market. He is also a sharp entrepreneur who is kind enough to share his insights on his blog throughout the week.

5. Ian Stewart (@iandstewart)

The man who started the craze around theme framworks with his Thematic theme, Ian is also a savvy WordPress blogger and Twitter-er. He usually shares links and resources via his twitter account, as well as his newest project, WPazo.com (@WPazo).

6. Nathan Rice (@nathanrice)

That’s me!

7. Theme Forest (@themeforest)

As many of you know, Theme Forest has made a splash in the WordPress community by taking a new direction in the world of Premium Themes. They allow users to submit themes to their site and sell them, splitting the profits. This unique model has created one of the largest Premium Theme outlets on the net.

Like other Twitter-ers on this list, they routinely share helpful WordPress resources via their twitter account.

8. Mark Jaquith (@markjaquith)

Mark is lead developer on the WordPress project, so if anyone knows what he is talking about, it’s him. Follow him for the raw WordPress nerdery, as well as the awesome libertarian eloquence!

9. Jean-Baptiste Jung (@catswhocode)

The guy behind the very popular WPRecipes.com and CatsWhoCode.com. If you’re looking for some seriously helpful WordPress and Web Development resources around the net, look no further. The stuff he publishes and links to is killer.

10. Roger Byrne (@imrogb)

Another name I’m not familiar with. Roger is a social media expert who works at Envato (the guys behind ThemeForest), so he’s probably worth following. 20,000 people already are!

Honorable Mentions

A couple of notable characters are missing from the list, most likely because they haven’t added themselves at the WeFollow.com directory. It’s only right that I mention them here:

1. Jeff Chandler (@wptavern & @jeffr0)

Jeff is the host of the popular WordPress Weekly podcast. He also runs WPTavern.com (blog and forum) where discussions of all things WordPress happen on a daily basis. If you want to pow-wow with the WordPress big-wigs, go get yourself an account and start posting.

2. Chris Pearson (@pearsonified)

Chris is the author of one of the best premium themes in the market, Thesis. He’s also a HUGE personality and is worth following, if for no other reason than his sharp wit and “linguistic porn” (as he calls it).

3. Justin Tadlock (@justintadlock)

Justin is one of the most knowledgeable WordPress developers in the community. His claim to fame is is deep commitment to his Theme Hybrid community where he does some killer work on the free WordPress theme, Hybrid. He also writes some killer articles at his blog that will teach you how to make WordPress bend to your will! You will learn something by following Justin.

4. Matt Mullenweg (@photomatt)

Of course, no list of WordPress Twitter-ers would be complete with out the founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg. It’s mostly an aggregation account, but it’s still worth following if you are a fan of WordPress.

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