5 Core Elements for Building Award-Winning One-Page Websites

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Is your next project a one-page website? You might think designing it would be an easy task compared to the multi-page website designs. You’re in for a surprise.

Making a one-pager both visually appealing and user-friendly is harder than you think. The design effort alone could be a factor of 10 times greater than you normally put into a multi-page site. This is of the challenges involved in designing a one-pager. For example, you need to stuff a lot of valuable information into a much smaller space in a way that won’t turn users off

This guide is centered about 5 critical elements you need to take into account. It will help your one-pager become a success. They’re somewhat akin to fire, earth, water, air, and spirit, the 5 fundamental elements of nature. But they’re much more important for your purposes.

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10 Popular Plugins to Extend or Enhance Your WordPress Site

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WordPress plugins offer easy ways to add or extend the functionality of a WordPress site. There are hundreds of these plugins on the market. But which ones you choose will generally be determined by the type or niche of your website. Although a few of them are helpful or even necessary for any website you design.

Adding or improving on a website’s functionality generally involves a great deal of work. We talk about the designer and the developer. Plugins can do all the work for you — great news if you’re a WordPress aficionado.

Having a few “must-have” plugins on hand is always a good idea. Not every one of those listed here will be essential in your case. Yet, there are at least several you really don’t want to be without.

That being the case – we’re pleased to share these top plugins and tools with you.

1. wpDataTables

Not every website requires charts and tables to get its message across, but the minute you find yourself attempting to create one that does, you’ll want a tool that makes the process as easy as possible; one that does it right and saves you a ton of time in the process.

If average is good enough, and you’re not pressed for time, there are plenty of chart/table building tools to choose from.

If, however, you want –

  • Professionally prepared charts or tables that draw attention
  • Accurate and informative charts or tables created from large (even huge) amounts of data
  • Charts or tables that are responsive and easily customizable and editable
  • Charts or tables featuring conditional formatting that allow you to highlight cells, rows, or columns,
  • And do any or all of these quickly with minimal effort on your part, far and away the best plugin for you is wpDataTables.

wpDataTables gives you an all-in-one solution for working with large amounts of data and is the only chart/table-building solution fully supporting MySQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL databases.

2. Amelia

Designed for businesses that heavily depend on appointment bookings, Amelia ensures appointment can be made any time, correctly and trouble-free, and properly managed.

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Now You Can Build Design-Oriented Pop-ups Straight from Elementor

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You either hate pop-ups, or you love them. And if you say you love them, you’re probably lying.

It isn’t so much the popups themselves that irritate people. It’s the designs and the way in which they’re presented.

So, you’ve been waiting for the popup revolution to arrive, but it never has – until now. Your visitors never again have to feel visually assaulted every time one lands on a page.

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How to Choose a WordPress Theme in 2019: A Selection of the Best

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There are plenty of tools to choose from if your goal is to build a website. But if your goal is to build a great website, your choices narrow considerably. To start with, your first choice might be WordPress. It is the most popular CMS on the market today to power your website-building projects. Then, it’s a matter of selecting among the top WordPress themes.

Want to know how to choose a WordPress theme? We’ve selected what we consider to be the best 15 for 2019 for your review.

You want a theme that provides the flexibility you need to build what you envision. Each of the following themes gives you precisely that. They are powerful, flexible, and completely customizable. It’s simply a matter of finding one or more that will fit your needs and is comfortable to use.

1. Be Theme

Be Theme

You won’t go wrong by selecting this premier ThemeForest bestseller as your website-building theme of choice. Be Theme offers an impressive range of powerful core features, including its library of 400+ pre-built websites (with more being added every month).

These pre-built websites address all the primary business and industry sectors and all the common website content types. If you occasionally find yourself getting stuck as to how to get started on a project that addresses a specific business niche, Be Theme will eliminate those kinds of issues for you.

With Be’s Muffin page builder, powerful Admin Panel, shortcodes and shortcode generator, and other core features at your disposal, it’s not all that uncommon to have a website up and running in 4 hours or less. Be Theme is fully optimized, it features well-written code, excellent support, a new Header Builder you’ll absolutely love, and you don’t need any coding skills whatsoever to work with it.

These pre-built websites meet industry design standards and incorporate the UX functionality you’ll want for any given industry or website type.

2. Bridge

Bridge is a best-selling creative WordPress theme that offers a perfect solution to building an outstanding website for virtually any business niche. Bridge’s tons of website-building options and open-ended customizability have made it the most popular Creative WordPress theme ever, as evidenced by its more than 100,000 satisfied customers and 5 star-rated support.

The highlight of Bridge’s multiple website building features has to be its library of over 376 pre-made websites. Take a few moments to thumb through them. It’s practically guaranteed that you’ll be more than impressed!

You’ll find modules for everything in the package to create shops, listings, blogs, magazines, and almost anything else. Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, LayerSlider and Timetable Responsive Schedule plugins are also included.

Before deciding on a multipurpose creative theme that will work best for you, we suggest giving Bridge a good, close look.

3. Brook

Brook is an extremely versatile WordPress theme that you can use for any purpose namely website designing and creating. This theme places a strong emphasis on creativity, diversity, and site-building efficiency.

This theme’s 37+ attractive predefined demos already address a broad range of
business areas, users could still be looking forwards to more enticing homepages to be introduced soon. Brook’s developers have also taken extra care to provide the clean code and optimization to ensure the theme will run as smoothly & seamlessly as possible.

Its major features include parallax effects, infinite scrolling, one page scrolling, mega menus, enticing typography and icons, and an enormous selection of premade layouts for homepages, blogs, portfolios, landing pages plus a comprehensive combination of powerful site-building tools; the WPBakery page builder, retina HD sliders, and 60+ shortcodes to name a few.

For those having products to sell, Brook is integrated with WooCommerce plugin and features an online shop alongside various styles of shop page, product info, and product archives for users to choose from.

4. Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

The best and easiest way to discover what this multiuse WordPress theme can do for you is to visit its unique creative showcase and see what other Uncode users have accomplished.

Uncode is a powerful, user-friendly theme that has all the functionality you need. You can easily create a stunning portfolio, launch a blog site, or display your product line in a few short hours – without any need for coding.

5. TheGem

TheGem is a versatile, responsive, high-performing multipurpose toolbox designed to suit a multitude of creative website building uses. The stunning design concepts it makes available to you, together with its powerful and flexible tools will serve you well if your website needs address creatives, agencies, business and finance, online shops, portfolios, blogs, or just about anything else.

TheGem easily qualifies as being the most beautiful theme from a design aspect on the market today.

6. Kalium

This, the highest rated WordPress theme on the market today offers an amazing selection of full-concept designed demos, premium plugins, premium fonts, and much more.

Kalium is a multipurpose theme designed to give you professional-looking results. Kalium is constantly evolving through a series of updates, a feature you would naturally expect in any premium theme.

7. Houzez – Highly Customizable Real Estate WordPress Theme

When you’re offered a theme that has all the features your business model requires, and still allows you to customize them (using drag and drop) as you see fit, you have a winner. If you or your client is in the real estate business, Houzez is the winner you’ve been looking for.

Houzez features advanced search and property management capabilities and everything in between that a realty agent or agency will be looking for.

8. Grenada – Creative Ajax Portfolio Showcase Slider Theme

It sometimes takes an elegant and innovatively-designed theme to build a website that features the same characteristics. That is precisely what Grenada can do for you. Designed for all creative people, Grenada’s features include a selection of creative portfolio sliders, Ajax page load, and Visual Composer. It is also Gutenberg compatible.

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The 8 Best WordPress Themes for Small Business Websites

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A well-designed website can serve as a powerful marketing tool. These days, creating one for a small business is not distressing or expensive at all. However, it was just a few short years ago.

Today, you can take advantage of the features provided by the best WordPress themes. There are special themes for small business-oriented websites. It’s not difficult to find a website-building theme that matches a specific business. This can be a startup, a service provider, or some other venture.

You undoubtedly want nothing but the best business theme, right? Check out those described below. Each possesses functional designs loaded with amazing features. They will help you create a thoroughly engaging website to promote a business.

1. Be Theme

We’ll start with Be Theme, a responsive, multipurpose WordPress theme that takes every small business need into account with its more than 370 pre-built websites. There’s a multiplicity of small business WordPress themes in this pre-built website collection — each one embedded with the functionality you need to establish an effective online presence, and fully customizable to meet your business and marketing needs.

The range of business niches covered is impressive, With more pre-built websites being added every month it’s destined to become even more so. Web designers like Be Theme because it allows them to create a website for most small business types in as little as four hours.

Clients appreciate the rapid turnaround they receive and the ease in which changes or additions they have in mind can be accommodated.

Be Theme, one of the best WordPress themes for small business websites is a ThemeForest top 5 best seller whose core features include easy to work with page-building tools, a multiplicity of design features and options, and great support.

2. Astra

Astra is fast, fully customizable, and one of the best WordPress themes for business websites as well as for blogs and personal portfolios. Built with SEO in mind, Astra is responsive and WooCommerce ready — mandatory features in today’s online business environment. Its capabilities are easily extendible with premium addons and Astra can be used with most of the popular page builders. This free WP-based theme is definitely worth considering.

3. The100

A theme selected for WordPress for small businesses can be free or it can be a premium theme requiring an expenditure on your behalf. There are several excellent free themes on the market, and one of them is The100. While it is advertised as having premium-like features, bear in mind that free themes like this one generally can’t compete with premium themes. Nevertheless, The100 is an easy-to-use WP theme that features a multiplicity of layouts and plenty of customization options.

4. Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Uncode has proven to be one of the best WordPress themes for business websites. It’s a multipurpose theme featuring 30+ homepage concepts designed to get designers and their clients off to a fast start on any small business website. Features include an enhanced version of the popular Visual Composer page builder, and an Adaptive Images System that enables mobile users to see what you want and expect them to see.

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How to Use a Pre-built Website to Refresh a Website’s Look

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There are a host of websites out there sorely in need of an update. Designers can do so by incorporating one or more of the current web design trends. Current trends involve everything from upgrading color schemes to reorganizing design content.

It can be a long and laborious task, something most web designers would prefer to avoid. The same designers are also leery of quick fixes, out of fear they will compromise the quality of their work.

BeTheme provides a fast and easy way to redesign a website. It offers a selection of more than 350 pre-built website designs. These templates can be customized to satisfy a business’s need for a website. The finished site will have an up-to-date look and feel, having many of the necessary changes already built in.

Express Redesign

There’s more than one way to quickly redesign an outdated website. It is possible to transform it into an up-to-date award winner. You can do so by using a pre-built website as a starting point. Here are 7 approaches to pick and choose from. They are accompanied by pre-built website examples to illustrate the possibilities.

Express Redesign #1: Make a run-of-the-mill website more dynamic

A dynamic homepage makes it much easier to capture a visitor’s attention. It helps to convince them to stay around awhile. Most visitors decide whether to stay or leave within about 3 seconds. If you can keep a visitor engaged for longer than that, you have a potential customer. A dynamic homepage stokes a visitor’s curiosity and a desire to see what surprises lie ahead. This can be achieved with a striking image, a video, or an animation.

Hint: If you use a video make sure the Play button is front and center.







Express Redesign #2: Refresh the color scheme & bring it up to date

This is usually an easy fix and it can carry with it a big impact by dramatically changing a website’s look and feel. A new color scheme can play a big role in helping a business meet the goals.

A pre-built website makes refreshing the color scheme easy. Its colors will be in line with existing industry or business trends.

Hint: While you’re at it, use plenty of white space. It makes a website look up to date and allows the colors to stand out.







Express Redesign #3: Reorganize the website’s content architecture

Many older websites are in need of a total architectural overhaul. Finding the right balance when attempting to combine text with images is never easy. This is unless you’re working with a pre-built website. Such a website can take into account much of what needs to be done. As you can see from the following examples they do a great job of attracting and engaging visitors.







Express Redesign #4: Incorporate large, eye-catching visuals

A good first step toward giving a website a new, refreshing look is to start with the homepage. Adding a large, stunning visual is often all it takes to entice a visitor to stick around and explore the site. Adding the needed imagery can be done in seconds. These three pre-built websites demonstrate that the results can be outstanding.

BeDigital is an example of using a fascinating 3D still that’s impossible to ignore.


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