GitHub Is Testing Commits on Behalf of Organizations

GitHub users may soon be able to contribute to projects on behalf of an organization. This feature has often been requested by developers who are contributing on behalf of their employers. “Corporate contributions to the third-party open source projects can still be a source of friction and ambiguity,” GitHub Product (more…)

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The Non-Developers Guide to Git and GitHub

Git is notoriously difficult for beginners to learn, especially for non-developers. It took me at least 3 (alright more like 20) attempts before I learned how to use Git and that was only because I Googled, “Explain Like I’m 5 Git.” Most of us na…

GitHub Rolls Out More Small Improvements as Part of Project Paper Cuts

In August, GitHub announced Project Paper Cuts, an effort aimed at bringing small improvements to the developer and project maintainer experiences. These are fixes for issues that don’t generally fall within larger initiatives. Some of the first improvements that have already been implemented include the following: Unselect markers when copying (more…)

5th Annual Hacktoberfest Kicks Off Today, Updated Rules Require 5 Pull Requests to Earn a T-shirt

DigitalOcean, along with GitHub and new partner Twilio, are sponsoring the 5th annual Hacktoberfest. The event was created to encourage participants to make meaningful contributions to open source projects. Last year 31,901 completed the challenge, opening 239,164 pull requests in 64,166 repositories. In previous years, participants were required to submit (more…) Migrates Developer Tools to GitLab

The Drupal Association announced this week that will be migrating its developer tools to GitLab. In selecting a partner for modernizing the project’s tooling, the association aimed to preserve the most valuable parts of Drupal’s workflow. They also wanted a partner that would keep evolving its code collaboration featureset. (more…)