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4 Shopify Plugins for WordPress

In the past few months, we have covered plenty of cool e-commerce solutions for WordPress. What if you run a Shopify store and would like to integrate it with WordPress? These 4 Shopify plugins can help: Shopify Connect for WooCommerce: connects your S…

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3 Header & Footer Code Managers for WordPress

Adding scripts to the header or footer of your site is not that hard. But some prefer not messing with their code at all. Thanks to these 3 header & footer code mangers, you can add snippets to your website with confidence: Head, Footer and Post In…

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3 Instagram Plugins for WooCommerce

Plenty of businesses understand the importance of being active on Instagram and other similar communities. You can leverage the power of this community to reach out to more people, connect with influencers, and increase your sales. These 3 Instagram pl…