WooCommerce vs Shopify: Who Should Be Using Each Platform

There are a lot of platforms you can use to set up an online store nowadays. Two of the most popular options are WooCommerce and Shopify, and it’s easy to see why since they both pack so many features. In fact, choosing between them can be a challenge in itself. In this article, we’re going […]

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Why WooCommerce Requires Specialist Hosting

WooCommerce is, of course, a WordPress plugin but, like almost any form of e-commerce, a WooCommerce site requires far more resources than a regular Wordpress content site. We explain why that is, and how the subsequent poor performance and errors are …

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4 Shopify Plugins for WordPress

In the past few months, we have covered plenty of cool e-commerce solutions for WordPress. What if you run a Shopify store and would like to integrate it with WordPress? These 4 Shopify plugins can help: Shopify Connect for WooCommerce: connects your S…