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20 Best Health And Medical WordPress Themes

Who else wants the best health and medical WordPress themes? Hands down, there are thousands of health & medical themes available out there for WordPress sites. The problem is, most of them are either outdated (aka not having a responsive design) or mediocre. If you are looking for the appealing health medical WordPress themes, you […]

5 Free Author Box Plugins for WordPress

Over the last few years, author box plugins for WordPress have become quite popular. Today, most of the premium themes comes with the author box included in it, but if your theme doesn’t have this functionality, then one of the plugins below may just fix your problem. A well designed author box not only improves […]

Components of a Quality Real Estate Theme

Since creating my first real estate WordPress theme back in December of 2008, and thousands of buyers later, I’ve grown to know what buyers and real estate agents want in terms of features and ease of use. In general, whenever you sit down to brainstorm a new theme, you need to think about the end-user: Put yourself […]

The WPKube Guide to Content Scraping in WordPress

Content scraping is essentially the act of copying the content from one site and publishing it on another.  If you are publishing content online then there is a good chance that you have been a victim of content scraping at some point. Content scraping is usually carried out in one of two ways. One popular […]

6 Best Free Calendar Plugins for WordPress

Today we at WP Kube would like to show you the best free calendar plugins available for WordPress. There are dozen of free and premium calendar plugins available, but I was able to narrow it down to six great options. These plugins can be used to schedule and list the upcoming events through a widget […]

How to Deal with Trackbacks and Pingbacks in WordPress

Once you’ve been blogging for a short while, you will more than likely start receiving notifications about pingbacks and trackbacks. While they both can serve a genuine purpose, they can also cause problems in terms of misleading your readers, maliciously or deceptively adding irrelevant links to your blog posts, and even negatively affecting your site’s […]