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League Table Responsive WP Plugin

Football (Soccer) has millions of fans around the world who follow the Premier League, La Liga, League 1, Bundesliga, and other popular leagues on a weekly basis. If you are passionate about this sport, you can always start your own soccer news and gam…

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Advisor Quiz: Display Quizzes On Your Site

Adding fun quizzes to your site is one way to increase engagement and get your visitors coming back for more. Advisor Quiz is a handy plugin that lets you add quizzes to your own site. It can be used for trivia, personality, and other types of quizzes….

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WP Server Stats for WordPress

In order to keep your site up and performing fast, you need to watch what you install on your server, update your themes and plugins, and make sure your server has enough resources to handle all the visits your site gets. WP Server Stats for WordPress …