Launches Today!

After 15 months as a lead developer at, today marks the launch of my very own Premium WordPress Theme business, That’s right, myself and three other talented individuals, are launching a new business together, and it’s time to open up shop.

What’s That? A New Premium Theme Shop?

As you know, I live and breathe WordPress code (pretty much). I’ve written countless tutorials, built themes, written plugins, even submitted a patch or two to the WordPress core. Let’s just say that when it comes to WordPress, I know my stuff, some of which has recently been added as new functionality to the themes at StudioPress.

So it should go without saying that if I’m going to be helping run my own WordPress business, it’s going to be top-notch quality with some solid code. You can count on it.

I was, however, late to the party, so I haven’t had a real chance to get my hands dirty with any of the code there at, but I’m currently busy on several projects that will have my signature solid code foundation that I’ve worked so hard to develop.

What is ModThemes All About?

The three things that I think make a Premium WordPress theme are the following:

  1. Killer Design
  2. Solid Code / Awesome Features
  3. Superior Support

Seriously, I think that about covers it. And that’s our commitment to our users. We want to provide beautiful, functional themes, and if you need help after the sale, we want to be there for you.

So if you’re ever in the market for a new theme for you site, or for one of you clients, do yourself a favor and check out first.

We’ll Sweeten the Deal

If you’re interested in purchasing our Breaking News Theme this week, we’re offing a 15% off “launch special”. All you need to do is enter discount/coupon code “LAUNCH” at checkout and you’ll get an instant 15% discount. Not bad, eh?

But act fast. That discount code is only good for the first 50 people that use it. For other deals and discounts, as well as news about new themes, prerelease teasers, and other cool stuff, be sure to follow @modthemes on Twitter, or of course, follow me @nathanrice on Twitter.

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